Cory Joseph

A driven maker, tenacious performer, and passionate connector. As a community manager at Intel it has been his responsibility to create opportunities for individuals to find their voice, and to help those individuals create genuinely interesting and useful thought leadership material.

To succeed in this role he has had to adapt, and learn new and upcoming technologies quickly and not only adeptly project manage, but move quickly to execute. To get here Cory has had to move beyond the challenges of his blindness and achieve success by leaps and bounds.

Cory not only used every-single resource & technology available to him, but created new resources and new solutions when ever needed. Whether it was establishing the first e-formats service at the University of Missouri, or finding accessibility a literal world away in University in Tokyo, Japan. But, this is only the start, Cory's life-long goal is to enable other's to do more, to enable people, to communicate, connect, and access more.

Photo of Cory smiling on a sunny day in front of the ocean